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What are the largest property websites in the UAE?

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“Explore Dubai’s top real estate websites for seamless property search. From luxury to affordable options, find your dream property effortlessly.”

Dubai’s real estate market shines in 2023. UAE government measures, including golden visas, 100% foreign ownership, a low investment barrier, and the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan, have made Dubai an excellent investment destination. Real estate businesses are concentrating on their internet presence to prepare for this growth. Dubai real estate websites are advanced. Websites are essential in the competitive Dubai real estate market.

Top 5 Real Estate Websites in Dubai

Here, we will talk about the Top 5 Real Estate Websites in Dubai. These are the following:

1. Emaar Properties

After building the Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Mall, Emaar Properties dominates the UAE real estate industry. The usability and clarity of this multi-award-winning company’s website make it highly recommended.


A captivating and uncomplicated website. Upon visiting the website, the user is greeted with an interactive homepage that displays the properties owned by Emaar. Key search parameters, such as home type, bedroom counts, price range, and desired neighborhood, are accessible via the search bar, which is conveniently placed. A significant component considering the company’s global presence is the visitor’s ability to switch between English and Arabic languages effortlessly.


Here are three things about the Emaar website that we found really impressive:

Visual map

Every single Emaar house in Dubai is shown on a smart, interactive map. Apartments, offices, villas, and other sorts of developments may be filtered by selecting the community you desire. Nearby public transportation, schools, hospitals, and stores may also be seen.

Interactive tour

Interactive, 3D walkthroughs are available for use while touring Emaar residences. Get to know a property inside and out. The virtual tour is top-notch, providing a realistic picture of the home with features including a floor plan, dollhouse view, and measuring tool.

Streaming video on demand

Filling out a form and waiting for a response is unnecessary in the event of an inquiry. Any day of the week is good for setting up a live meeting with the sales staff.

2. Damac Properties

Thanks to its cutting-edge features, simple style, and lively themes, Damac Properties’ real estate website is among the best. The user-friendly layout of the website makes it simple to navigate between various sections and pages. Categories like “Communities,” “Projects,” and “Offers” are present.


Their 3D tour is the standout element of their real estate website. Before requesting specifics, buyers may take a 3D tour of the property to get a feel for the space and see what their investment might look like. In a clever arrangement, the website footer provides readers with several important links that they may easily reach. The contact options are conveniently located at the top of the page, making them easy for users to discover.


Here are three things about the Damac website that we like:

Using 3D Tours

The interactive 3D tours of Damac estates include breathtaking sights and allow you to experience them firsthand. It consists of a measuring tool, a floor layout, and virtual reality (VR) views of the area!

Adhesive footer

A sticky footer displays the available contact choices, allowing the visitor to retrieve the data whenever they browse.


“Damac in the News” and “Working at Damac” are sections that enhance the company’s reputation and impress prospective clients.

3. Dubai Properties

One of the city’s most renowned real estate developers, Dubai Properties, has a website just for listing properties. Various types of developments, including residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects, are shown on the platform by the developer. By visiting Dubai Properties’ website, one may get a feel for the city’s unique ideas and imagine what it would be like to live there in the future.


On the Dubai Properties website, we noticed several intriguing elements, such as:

Quick Register

A simple way to sign up and find out more information about the homes that interest you.

The RealConnect protocol

An all-in-one platform that facilitates hassle-free property management. It helps with managing invoices, payments, and services, as well as monitoring those services.

Live chat

An easily accessible live chat function staffed by a computerized representative.

4. Prestige

Their website gives the impression that Prestige is a high-end Dubai real estate agency. In addition to managing properties, they also sell and lease homes, as well as conduct market evaluations, sell and lease businesses, and manage residential properties. The photographs stand out against the dark backdrop of the website, drawing the viewer in for a closer inspection.


Users may narrow their property search results by location, property type, size, and price range using the site’s large search bar. Users may easily arrange a free appraisal and sell their homes with Prestige by clicking on the Sell menu. In order to facilitate sales, they provide advertising and marketing assistance.


Here are a few things about the Prestige website that we found interesting:

Featured listing

An updated highlighted listing of all properties daily. Users are able to quickly find the greatest homes and browse full information about them.

Customer reviews

Customers’ testimonials bolster the company’s reputation and encourage faith in its offerings on the internet.


Instantaneous response is guaranteed with a live chat option. If you have an emergency, it works well for you.

5. Deyaar

Among the most prominent Dubai property developers, Deyaar has constructed many iconic structures across the city. Their bilingual (English and Arabic) website is easy to use, with distinct sections and obvious buttons for various actions. Searching for homes is made easier with a clearly defined search option. An overview is provided for each property, along with facts, photos, and a map. Further streamlining user navigation, distinct calls to action (CTAs) for purchasing and renting are provided in the main menu.


The following are three standout aspects of the Deyaar website:

Visual map

Through an interactive map, you can search all of Deyaar’s properties. You may filter them by location, kind, and name.

Featured Properties

To let consumers know which properties are trending and in demand, we’ve included a “Hot” indicator.

Live chat

Any page on the internet allows you to sign up for a live chat, so you may do it whenever you choose.


These websites have made great strides in their layouts and functionality to make it easy for you to locate the home that best suits your needs. There are a lot of postings, offers, and real estate agents on the internet. A well-crafted layout organizes and showcases them in a polished way.

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