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Why choose the Desktop Valuation?

Are you looking for a fast and reliable valuation of a home? Then our Desktop Valuation offers the ideal solution! Within 4 working hours you will receive a complete valuation report in your mailbox that has been carefully checked and signed by a certified appraiser.


Fast and affordable

Receive the full valuation report in your mailbox within four hours, for only AED 199


The independent valuation is carefully checked and signed by a certified MRICS appraiser.


Our extensive certifications and quality checks by an independent Registered Accountant prove the accuracy of our advanced data- driven valuation model.

How We Work

With a desktop valuation, the value of a home is initially determined on the basis of an advanced assessment calculation model. The value is then checked by a certified appraiser, signed and sent to you mailbox.

Enter the property details to check whether you are eligible for the Desktop Valuation.

The model value will be assessed and signed by an independent appraiser.


You will receive the valuation report by email within four working hours.

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Data-driven Property Valuation

At you can rely on professional and reliable service based on the expertise of real estate and data science professionals. We offer independent property valuations that gives you an honest insight into the true value of real estate. With high- quality, objective home reports such as the Desktop Valuation. We strive for transparency so that you can make well-considered choices. Our expertise and guidance give you the certainty you need to make the right decisions regarding your home with confidence.


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Frequent Asked Questions About Our Valuation Report

If you want an accurate home valuation of a home that has been checked and signed by a certified appraiser, you can use the Desktop Valuation. The Desktop Valuation can be used for the purchase and sale of homes without a mortgage. If a mortgage is required, consult your mortgage provider about the conditions.

The Desktop Valuation is suitable for homes, not commercial properties. Your home is only eligible for a Desktop Valuation if it meets the following criteria:

-No leasehold

-No caravan, mobile home or residential/shop building

-Not a holiday home

-Not a national monument

-Not a business object

-Maximum one plot

-Maximum 2,500 m2 plot

Most mortgage providers expect an appraisal with physical inspection. Please check with your lender first to ensure they accept the Desktop Valuation.

At PropertyValue.AE the desktop valuation costs AED 199

After you have completed the application, we aim to deliver the Desktop Valuation Report to your mailbox within 4 working hours. By working hours we mean the hours from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. For example, if you place an order on Thursday afternoon at 3 p.m., you can expect the Desktop Valuation Report in your mailbox no later than Friday morning at 11 a.m.

No. With a PropertyValue.AE desktop valuation, no physical visit to the home is necessary, but the appraiser values the home remotely. PropertyValue.AE Automated Valuation Model generates a home value that the appraiser validates. The appraiser also selects suitable reference homes and has access to all relevant information about the local housing market. The combination of data and knowledge allows the appraiser to carry out PropertyValue.AE's desktop valuation remotely.

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