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How to use the equity in my house

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Leverage your home equity in Dubai & UAE wisely. Explore loans, refinancing, or real estate investments. Unlock financial opportunities today.

Being a homeowner is an accomplishment that many people view as a valuable possession that can be used to pursue financial opportunities. If you own real estate in Dubai or any other part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), knowing how to use the equity in your home might lead to a number of different financial opportunities. In Dubai and throughout the United Arab Emirates, this article will walk you through the process of accessing your home equity.

Understanding Home Equity

Dubai and UAE residents must grasp home equity to make smart property selections—a detailed explanation. Ownership value in a home is called home equity. It is calculated by deducting the mortgage balance from the property’s market value. The owner owns the territory of the house. Home equity is calculated by subtracting the mortgage from the property’s market value. If your home is worth AED 1 million and you owe AED 600,000 on your mortgage, your equity is AED 400,000. Home equity may build as property values rise. Dubai and the UAE have unpredictable real estate markets. Regular property appraisals may notify homeowners of equity fluctuations.

Property Valuation

Before using equity in your Dubai or UAE home, you must accurately determine its market value. Your home’s fair market value depends on its location, size, condition, and market history. A more detailed explanation:

Expert Evaluation

Think about hiring an expert to appraise your property. Appraisers are qualified to evaluate your home impartially.

The appraiser will consider the property’s age, condition, location, features, and neighborhood comparable sales to estimate its fair market value.

Online Valuation Tools

Internet resources and platforms estimate property values using public data and algorithms. These programs can evaluate rapidly, but they may miss elements a competent appraiser would detect.

Many property portals and real estate websites offer appraisal algorithms that consider market trends and sales data.

Consult Real Estate Experts

Dubai and UAE real estate brokers and advisors know the market well. They can reveal regional demand, trends, and sales.

Ask a local real estate specialist to value your home. They can also propose home-value-boosting renovations.

Government assessments

Government officials in Dubai and the UAE may tax properties periodically. Although they may not reflect market value, these evaluations can be used as a baseline.

Market Research

Check economic data, property trends, and recent sales to understand the local real estate market. Attend property shows, read market research, and follow real estate experts.

Timing Considerations

Real estate values alter to local and economic factors. Make sure your property is valued during a good market.

Home Equity Loans

Dubai and UAE residents can access their home equity through home equity loans. Many banks and financial institutions offer these loans, each with its restrictions. A homeowner’s capacity to borrow a lump sum depends on their home’s appraised value and mortgage balance. Home equity loans are popular for financing home improvements, education, and business operations due to their versatility. These loans have variable interest rates, so approximate offers from multiple lenders to find the best deal. Borrowers often have a repayment schedule that specifies how long they must pay back the loan. Before taking a home equity loan, borrowers should evaluate their finances to ensure they can afford the payments. Financial consultants can also help with home equity loan complexities and finding a solution that meets immediate and long-term needs.

Benefits of equity release loans

The primary benefit is that lenders usually provide cheaper rates than they would for personal loans because your property backs the loan. People use the money for a range of goals, such as paying off honor card debt, purchasing an investment property, updating and renovating the property, funding the education of their grandchildren or children, or making other business investments. Make sure to confirm ahead of time, as certain banks in the UAE may have limitations on the use of the funds.


Since the down payment requirement for second property acquisitions in the UAE is larger than that of first property purchases, having a lump sum of money is beneficial. Depending on whether you’re a native, an expat living in the country, or a non-resident, the down payment for a subsequent home can range from 35 to 50 percent. Alternatively, you can fund your purchase with an equity release loan if you are beyond the age restriction and cannot get a new mortgage.


Another reason it’s a well-liked choice is that the money released is tax-free. The released equity is yours to keep without having to pay taxes on a portion of it.

Am I Eligible for Equity Release?

Your Credit Score

Like they would in the UK, moneylenders in Dubai would evaluate your loan payback history based on your credit score. Your chances of getting a loan are enhanced by having a good credit score; conversely, a low credit score may make matters slightly more challenging.

Your Source of Income

Banks and other lenders will still need to make sure you have the financial stability to repay the loan according to your original arrangement, even if your property is being used as collateral.

Lenders may refuse to negotiate or may want modifications if they believe you cannot repay their obligations. For this reason, you want to initially consult with an impartial counsel to go over your best possibilities for equity release.

It should be noted that loans secured by property can be taken out by self-employed people, employees, and retirees. As long as your income is steady, lenders won’t discriminate against you for where it comes from.


Unlocking your Dubai or UAE home equity might boost your finances and provide cash prospects. Knowing how to leverage home equity through loans, refinancing, or savvy investments is crucial. Do your research and consult a specialist to make financial decisions that meet your needs.

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