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How to insure a Home in the UAE?

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“Secure your UAE home with the right insurance: explore coverage options, policies, and factors to consider for comprehensive protection.”

Imagine taking a trip and returning home to discover your house completely ruined by water damage or, worse, like a fire, destroying all of your priceless possessions worth thousands of dirhams. This might happen at any moment if you are unfortunate. When purchasing or leasing real estate in Dubai or any other emirate, many locals need to consider the need for house insurance. However, doing so puts you in danger, as the cost of replacing all of your possessions in the event of an emergency may quickly reach tens of thousands of dirhams.

What Is Home Insurance?

Let’s first examine what it really means to have house insurance in the United Arab Emirates before getting into the technicalities. A kind of property insurance that covers losses and damages to an individual’s home is called home insurance, often known as homeowner’s insurance. Buildings, houses, personal possessions within the home, and specific contents may all be covered by home insurance.  Home insurance covers a variety of occurrences, including damage to the building’s structure from the inside out, as well as loss or damage to personal property or items brought on by fire, flood, or natural disasters.

Importance of Home Insurance In the UAE

Even though it’s often believed that the United Arab Emirates is a secure area free from earthquakes, floods, robbery, and fire—these things do happen. On New Year’s Eve, there were widely reported fires at The Address Downtown and the 86-story Torch Tower in Dubai Marina. Even while these occurrences are luckily uncommon, it is always advisable to be safe, especially if you live in an apartment building where your possessions might still be impacted by a fire that occurs 20 stories or more away from your residence.


We are also approaching the summer season when many foreigners leave their houses unattended for extended periods. This increases the risk of water damage to homes (from burst pipes causing flooding, for example), which can result in significant loss and damage to valuables such as personal belongings, especially if the flood is not detected for some time. In the event that homeowners do not have house insurance, they are left to shoulder the cost of repairing and replacing any destroyed property, as well as any damage to the furnishings, belongings, and, in the worst-case scenario, the structure of nearby homes.

Choosing the Right Home Insurance

Ascertain the duties of the renter. There’s a widespread misperception that the landlord must maintain property insurance, but this is untrue. Legally speaking, a landlord is only obligated to give home insurance if the property is mortgaged; even then, the insurance will only protect the house’s exterior and not its contents. Therefore, regardless of whether you own or rent property in the UAE, you should get house insurance if you want to safeguard the value of your possessions inside your home.


You need home contents insurance, or insurance that protects the loss or damage of your goods like jewelry, gadgets, furniture, and so on if you are renting an apartment or villa. When your belongings are damaged by fire, water, theft, or vandalism, this insurance will replace them or repair them. The landlord of your building will have insurance for the apartment or villa itself. Still, if the renter is deemed liable for the damage, they must have insurance for their possessions.


Getting building insurance should be your first concern if you own a house, whether it be an apartment or a villa; this will guarantee that your home’s structure will be protected against any harm that is mentioned in your contract. Nevertheless, insurance just covers the house’s exterior; it leaves your belongings uninsured. Your building insurance policy would be supplemented with coverage for your home contents.

Understanding Your Coverage Plan

In the UAE, while looking for house insurance, be cautious about getting the proper coverage plan. Be aware of fancy-sounding claims from insurance brokers; there are around fifty licensed firms in the UAE that provide excellent homeowner insurance packages. Make sure you review all the details of the plan before selecting an insurance policy so you know exactly how much of your possessions and property will be protected.


Remember that you will have to pay a premium—the amount required to be paid for an insurance contract—just as you would with any other kind of insurance, so you should consider which plan offers the greatest value for you. The cost of a typical insurance plan varies according to the amount of coverage required, although it may begin as low as AED 200 per year.


Evaluating the value that the plan will cover should be your first step before signing any paperwork related to a house insurance policy in the United Arab Emirates. You should look for choices if the insurance plan only covers half of the AED 50,000 worth of stuff in your property; otherwise, you would be paying a premium for a policy that undervalues your possessions.


Plans for insurance provide specifics of what is covered and what kind of harm is covered. To understand the actualities your plan covers, it is crucial to read the tiny print. The phrase “all household goods that are located within your premises will be covered” is frequently used by home insurance providers in the United Arab Emirates. It is crucial to understand the plan’s definition of household goods in this context, as electronics might not be included.


This is all about choosing the best house insurance in the United Arab Emirates. A vital first step in safeguarding your assets and property in the UAE is selecting the appropriate house insurance. To ensure that you make an educated choice, take the time to evaluate your requirements, investigate potential providers, and compare policies.


You can ensure the piece of mind that comes with knowing your flat in the UAE is safeguarded from unforeseen occurrences by following these procedures. Remember to get your house insured before it’s too late if you’re searching for real estate in the United Arab Emirates.

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