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How much does property management cost in Dubai?


Explore the intricate world of property management costs in Dubai, understanding factors, services, and fees to make informed decisions in this thriving real estate market.

Like in other industrialized nations, property management in Dubai is handled by reputable real estate firms. as these businesses are knowledgeable about laws and guidelines. Dubai’s population is made up of more than 70% foreigners. Furthermore, the most difficult thing for the typical individual to perform in this area is to purchase, sell, or manage a property. Because of this, getting in touch with property management firms is the greatest and simplest course of action. In order for all property-related agreements to be managed effectively. We’ll be giving you advice on several charge kinds in this blog today. What are the hidden costs you must pay? Let’s now go into the specifics.

Property Management Fees

In Dubai, like in most other cities throughout the globe, using the services of a real estate agent is standard procedure whether looking to rent a residential property or a corporate unit. By exploring the market and giving you the most recent information on available houses and neighborhoods, rental agents can save you time. More importantly, by obtaining your tenancy contract, an estate agent can protect your rights and interests at every stage of the procedure.


The property management fee is AED 5,000 if the rent for the property is less than AED 100,000. However, the cost of property management is 5% of the rent if the rent exceeds AED 100,000. It implies that:


  • For homes, 2 to 5 percent of the monthly rent is necessary.
  • The ratio for stores and offices is between 7 and 10%.

Fees For Ejari

A legally binding platform for registering contracts, the Ejari system from Dubai’s Land Department helps to authenticate agreements and rental contracts between landlords and renters. AED 195 is the base fee for all types of properties.

Housing Fee

The Dubai Municipality tax is 5% of the yearly rent and is charged in 12 installments (together with each rental payment) to the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) bills.

A Refundable Security Deposit

It is often repaid upon your departure from the property and equates to one month’s rent. A portion of the deposit may be withheld by some landlords for minor repairs including repainting the apartment.


DEWA deposits are required in addition to monthly utility costs when renting a home. The deposit amount is as follows:


  • 2000 AED is the deposit; it is refunded when you depart.
  • 110 AED (non-refundable connection fee)


  • 4000 AED (refundable upon departure) as a deposit
  • 110 AED (non-refundable connection fee)

Fees For Cooling In The District

Depending on the supplier and the size of the property, different amounts of money are needed for connection fees and district cooling deposits. It might be helpful to visit their websites.

Factors that Influence the cost of a Property Manager Building Dimensions

Because it takes less work, a smaller corporate structure could be subject to a lesser percentage or flat fee. Conversely, a commercial property manager would probably delegate a large portion of a smaller structure’s administration or oversee it directly. Smaller buildings thus command a higher property management % as they have to pay for the manager’s time and labor.


Full-time employees, such as janitors, maintenance workers, building property managers, and tenant coordinators, may be needed for large buildings. These employees’ salary are paid independently by the owner. In bigger properties, the expense of on-site wages and overhead is entirely refunded to the property manager in addition to receiving a management fee.

Property Condition

Newer properties often fetch lower percentages and fees for commercial real estate managers. This may be explained in a number of ways, most of them obvious.




Newer commercial buildings demand less maintenance. Things will leak or break less often. Because there are fewer repair calls, management is not as bothered by the property. Properties in poor condition often have cheaper rents. The lower potential rent will not increase the money that commercial real estate property managers make since they usually take a percentage of the rents that are collected. To make their time useful, they may need to increase their rates.


Properties in bad shape could need a lot of rehab work or expensive repairs. To make up for the added duties, commercial property managers could impose higher percentages or project management fees.

Location of Rental Property

Attractive locations, like a city’s center or a wealthy neighborhood, might have much higher rents. The same considerations that apply above will also apply: in order to avoid having employees work more for less money, managers may charge higher percentages for remote, low-rent office space.


The management costs will also be impacted by the commercial office building’s location. The commercial property manager may demand a greater fee to cover the time spent traveling to and from your investment property if you invest in a tiny office building and the only one you trust is situated far away.


Real estate management costs are computed with property features included. A commercial property manager in Dubai may charge extra for managing a business property with several amenities, like a gym, water feature, on-site park, and so forth, since these features need more work to maintain.


On the other side, rental prices are greater for properties with amenities. Large facilities are often found in more recent, upscale residences. Lower management costs are driven by, as we all know, lower potential rent collections and less outdated HVAC systems.

Coverage of Services

Your charges will increase with the number of services included in your property management contract. The kind of lease in question may determine how many services commercial property management offers. Certain commercial leases just provide the renter a roof and four walls. Tenant responsibility may extend to maintenance and repairs, utility bills, and even property tax payments. It’s possible that the management of commercial real estate just has to handle evictions, collect rent, and fill vacancies. In this case, the property management costs will be reduced.


The price of Dubai The location, residential neighborhood, and construction of the property all affect the property management costs. You have, however, discovered that many kinds of property management costs are required.  That being said, there are six main kinds of fees that you must pay in Dubai at various points in time. Above all, by paying a fair price, you may save yourself a great deal of stress and inconvenience.

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